Available in paperback and e-book

Available in paperback and e-book

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Frontier of the Ancients (Solar Knights 2)
Alina and the Merlin Mysteries
Endowed by the Stars (Posikron 1)

Episode 9: The Final Showdown – Part 1

I had often found some downtime between missions, allowing me to unwind, but not this time. We were on the run from the Westward Galactic Financial Corporation and an assassin. One that was personally sent from Dr. Vik Lenish. I had attempted to teach Dr. Lenish a few manners a while back. But I guess super smart people don’t have much room left in their heads for some common wisdom. At any rate, my lesson gave him a chip on...
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Introducing the next Sci-Fi serial

The next Sci-Fi serial is coming! With the current serial story, The Last Wayfinder, coming to a close in the next two weeks, I have set my sights on the next serial story. Since The Last Wayfinder was a successful Sci-Fi Western, I wanted to branch out into another sub-genre. After a little research, I decided it was time to try my hand at writing mysteries. And, of course, it will have a large splash of science fiction. When mystery...
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Episode 8: Something worth fighting for

There are plenty of things in life that can get a man killed. Because of that, a man learns early on that there are things to run away from. Times when a man should back down, turn tail, and run. The concept of being a coward was invented just to stop a man from using his head and backing down when he should. And then there were also times when I found that the only right thing to do was...
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Aberrant Star Audio Book in Production

The Audio Book for Aberrant Star is now in production After some technical delays, production of the audio book has begun. The first four chapters have been recorded already, making the entire book 10% recorded. The recordings will be produced every other week, providing time to continue writing The Last Wayfinder. With four to eight chapters scheduled to be recorded every other week, the entire recording should be completed in just a few months. Then the magic of digital mastery...
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The Last Wayfinder in Print!

The Last Wayfinder coming to Print! Great News! The Last Wayfinder will be coming in printed form! If you like holding a printed book in your hands, like I do, then you'll love this! Not only will all ten episodes be compiled into one printed volume, but I've hired an artist who will create ten illustrations exclusively for the printed version. Each illustration will depict a specific scene in an episode. There will also be expanded lore and back story...
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