The Last Wayfinder print edition coming soon

The print edition of The Last Wayfinder

The final episode of The Last Wayfinder has been released and the final illustration is being drawn. Additionally the book cover and dust jacket are being designed! I wanted this printed edition to be something special, so “under the jacket” cover is a surprise with a few Easter eggs in the design.

Also, each episode will have a beautiful cover page with its own illustration depicting one of the scenes in that episode. The interior design has also been given a lot of attention. You will absolutely love holding this edition in your hand and turning the beautifully designed pages. Stay tuned for the release announcement!

In other news

Work on the second draft of The Skorath Prophecy is progressing well. The first nine chapters are complete along with the prologue. The various new viewpoint that have been added better flesh-out the perspective of both sides of the galactic conflict. This now brings the second draft to 28% complete.

Also, if you missed the announcement about the next Sci-Fi serial story that is coming, free to read, you can find out here!

Aberrant Star is now available

If you haven’t yet picked up your copy of Aberrant Star, you can get it today on Amazon or your retailer of choice. Check out the preview!

If you would like to see the illustration for the first episode of The Last Wayfinder, let me know in the comments below.

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