Introducing the next Sci-Fi serial

The next Sci-Fi serial is coming!

With the current serial story, The Last Wayfinder, coming to a close in the next two weeks, I have set my sights on the next serial story. Since The Last Wayfinder was a successful Sci-Fi Western, I wanted to branch out into another sub-genre. After a little research, I decided it was time to try my hand at writing mysteries. And, of course, it will have a large splash of science fiction.

When mystery story enthusiast Alina Katen moves to Metron City to start her dream business, a detective agency, she quickly finds herself ignored and sidelined, struggling to find work. Desperate for a chance to prove herself, she takes on the most unusual partner with a mysterious past. There is just one catch: her new partner doesn’t trust humans. Now the detectives are plunged into a dangerous web of impossible crimes, each one leading them one step deeper into a much larger mystery; a crime that her partner could be involved in.

In other news

The Last Wayfinder is 90% complete. Nine episodes of the ten that have been planned have been posted. The last exciting episodes is scheduled for August 12th, so stay tuned! Also, five illustrations for the printed version of The Last Wayfinder have arrived. The sixth illustration is in the works currently. A total of ten illustrations are planned. The printed version will also include extra features such as the backstory of the Wayfinders as well as the Kuda and the Davendries.

Work on the second draft of The Skorath Prophecy is coming along nicely. The first seven chapters are complete. The new viewpoints and narrative structure is melding the story together better than I had ever hoped. You will really enjoy the new version.

Aberrant Star is now available

If you haven’t yet picked up your copy of Aberrant Star, you can get it today on Amazon or your retailer of choice. Check out the preview!

If you would like to see the illustration for the first episode of The Last Wayfinder, let me know in the comments below.

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