The Skorath Prophecy is making progress

Weekly Update

Work on the rewrite for The Skorath Prophecy is proceeding at a very good pace. Normally I can get five chapters spun up per week, but I have been dedicating a lot of time into keeping The Last Wayfinder on schedule for you. Despite this, I has still be able to get one or two chapters completed each week in The Skorath Prophecy. The prologue for this story should be available to post in the next week or so. You’re going to love it!

Production on the audiobook version of Aberrant Star has not yet commenced. I am still working out the scheduling so it doesn’t take too much time away from The Skorath Prophecy or The Last Wayfinder. I will keep you posted for when production begins.

The fourth episode of The Last Wayfinder is now underway! Stay tuned for the next installment in the chronicles of Rence Perry, the Last Wayfinder.

Don’t miss the next exciting episode of The Last Wayfinder!

The Last Wayfinder — Continuing every Friday!

Episode Three of The Last Wayfinder was released today (June 6th) and has been well received so far. The next episode is scheduled to come out this Friday, June 10th. But if you missed reading the third episode, you can read it here!

Be sure to follow Rence Perry as he struggles to reunite Ryna with her parents while discovering a disturbing secret about her—one that might get him killed.

Aberrant Star is now available

If you haven’t yet picked up your copy of Aberrant Star, you can get it today on Amazon or your retailer of choice. Check out the preview!

Would you like to be on the list to beta read Benjamin’s upcoming novel, The Skorath Prophecy? Let me know in the comments below.

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