Available in paperback and e-book

Available in paperback and e-book

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Frontier of the Ancients (Solar Knights 2)
Alina and the Merlin Mysteries
Endowed by the Stars (Posikron 1)

Episode 7: What I had been waiting for

There have been times in my life when I knew that everything I prepared for had led up to a single moment. And there were other times when I have had to question what in the sam hill I was thinking. This was a sam hill moment. My wrists chafed in the metal cuffs that bound to the back wall. I used my upper arm to wipe away a bead of sweat that ran down my face. This ship was...
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Episode 6: Calling in some favors

I sat in the cockpit of the Astral Princess. The Princess was a fast ship. She was a Norgon-class transport with a few personal upgrades. I’ve flown her for years but she wasn’t the only lady in my life. To my right sat Lady, my enhanced falcon, on her perch. And not long ago two more ladies entered my life. Miri Alder had come to me with a lonely ten-year-old girl. I had known Miri for a few years and...
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The Skorath Prophecy Prologue Preview

The Skorath Prophecy Prologue Preview Elyin’Adar stood with his back to the shiny metal door. Twenty years ago, he never would have left his back exposed to an entrance. But things were different now. Gone were the days of internal bickering and backstabbing. That all evaporated when the Draconians arrived. Those savage-minded brutes callously attacked anything that didn’t bow down to them. Elyin’Adar had never seen anything like them. Their appearance was that of reptiles, and their starships resembled rough-hewn...
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Episode 5: Finally some payback

The Last Wayfinder - Episode 5: Finally some payback Tess Davendry leaned her elbows on the table, glaring at me. Her dagger eyes told me she was still sore about our last encounter. Her crew fired on my ship and took Miri and Ryna hostage. That part she didn’t have an issue with. What she did take offense with was that I shot several of her men. Also that I bluffed her into thinking I was going to blow up...
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Episode 4: The worst possible choice

The Last Wayfinder - Episode 4: The worst possible choice Picking up their trail was easy. I had tracked for twenty years as a Wayfinder. That is, before the blasted Corporation convinced the government to outlaw us. Despite their efforts to eradicate Wayfinders, I was still a thorn in their side. That was the beautiful irony. Their shuttle had a head start on us, but we had speed. The Astral Princess, or the Princess as I called her, was an...
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