First Episode is almost here

The first episode of The Last Wayfinder is almost complete

The Last Wayfinder — Comming May 20th 2022

Episode One of The Last Wayfinder is nearly complete. It is scheduled to release this Friday, May 20th! It will be the first of a series of 10 stories. It is set in the future on frontier colony worlds. Rence Perry is a lone transport ship captain with a secret military past. A woman from his past is in trouble and the only way he can help her is to step back into his old outlawed profession as The Last Wayfinder. Stay tuned for Friday!

Sneak Peek:
I was able to talk my way out of the last encounter, but my luck never did hold out long. The falcon squawked on her perch to my left. She was the other lady in my life. In fact, I named her Lady. She no longer looked like the dying rescue project she was when I found her. Her feathers had grown back and her little body had accepted the cybernetic implants. If you’re going to fix something, why not fix it and then some, I always say. I guess you could call them enhancements, but they saved her life.

I turned to Lady. “No need to get excited. I see them.”

She squawked again.

“There’s only two of them this time and I’m not going to make that mistake again.” Even if she couldn’t understand me, she was still a better conversationalist than the Astral Princess. All I got from the Princess was error messages every now and again.

I flipped the switch, taking the Princess off autopilot, and grabbed the stick. I flipped on the communication channel—better to be proactive than reactive. “Unidentified crafts, this is Alder one-one-seven. You are trespassing in Cosstere orbital space. You are ordered to cease and desist.”

“That’s my line, stranger,” a gruff voice responded.

It didn’t surprise me they didn’t fall for my little bravado. Only the inexperienced raiders were intimidated by the authority-sounding chatter. It was time for plan B. “Well, somebody had to say it. You boys sure aren’t on your game today.”

“Don’t get smart with me,” he said. “Prepare to be boarded.”

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