The Skorath Prophecy

"Hang the prophecy then! Are you not the most qualified man to win an impossible fight?" In command of a distant space station, war hero Jonathan Terynn wants to free his people from the galactic conquerors. Forming secret alliances, he conspires to revolt against the tyrannical Draconians. Hopelessly outmatched, Jonathan turns to an ancient prophecy that could bring them victory. What Jonathan didn't expect was reuniting with his long-lost love. Ellyra, the daughter of royalty on her planet, seeks to rekindle their romance. Jonathan soon discovers that Ellyra might be the very key to fulfilling the prophecy, but it would mean exploiting the woman he loves. When a political rival strikes hard, Jonathan's alliances begin to unravel. To save his crumbling conspiracy, he must make a desperate move. But now his relationship with Ellyra is strained as she fears she may only be a pawn in a political game. If Jonathan loses her, a broken heart will be the least of his worries; his people will be annihilated.

The Last Wayfinder

Quick to right a wrong. Quicker on the draw. I am outlawed and alone among the frontier planets. As a favor, I accepted a simple task to help a stranded 10-year-old girl. This special girl is not what she seems. Now the vile Corporation will stop at nothing to kill me to get her back and unlock her secret. Protecting her means confronting my past, which could be just as deadly. My very name attracts danger, for I am the last. "A science fiction western complete with gunfights, brawls, ominous villains, a trusty starship, and a beautiful woman."

Aberrant Star

Space holds many secrets. He is one of them. Starfighter mechanic Vance Brewer never thought he wanted to leave the safety of his starcraft carrier. But when his secret is discovered, he quickly finds himself in a deadly struggle for survival. Now he must draw upon all his skills to defeat two invisible enemies; one is in his head, the other is stalking him... "A great space opera that feels like Top Gun meets Star Wars and is so much fun." -Heather Button