Failed superhero seeks redemption and revenge

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  • Working Title: Nightfel.
  • Category: Superhero.
  • Genre: Action-Epic: Savior.
  • Synopsis: A superhero story told in second person. The superhero failed to save the city and the villain reigns supreme. Now the superhero must convince a disappointed public to give him one more chance to bring down the villain and somehow redeem himself.
  • Sample:

You knew what would happen if you failed. What you didn’t expect was that you’d survive to live the consequences. You groaned as you lifted up the heavy slab of concrete. The stinging pain shot up your ribs. How could you have let this happen? With extra exertion, you hoisted the cold slab off. All was as dark as night.

You tapped the warm sleek band around your forearm. Circuits were dead. You pulled off your helmet and squinted in the cool blue light of the pre-dawn morning. Your visible breath billowed out before your face. Is it October? It should still be summer. How long have you been out? You staggered out of the rubble of the half-toppled building.

“Well I’ll be…” came a voice from your right. “Our blessed protector has the gall to show his face again.”

The a ragged bum sat a few feet away with a bottle in hand. You’d have backhanded that ungrateful wretch in an instant if your strong moral compass didn’t have you on such a short leash. Instead, his pitiful comments bore down upon you like the concrete slab. You hung your head and said, “I tried.”

“That’s what we get for trusting in a cape and a mask. The mayor should have given in. At least we’d all still have homes to live in.”

“Some things are worth fighting for,” you mumbled beneath your breath.

The man hollered over his shoulder. “Hey Reggie, come see! We gots us a visitin’ superhero!”

The lonely street suddenly animated with street urchins and low-lives, circling like vultures. Your heart rate elevated and your breathing accelerated. You felt the old companion of adrenaline surging through your aching veins. Barely able to walk straight, you wouldn’t be able to fight your way out. And you didn’t yet know the extent of the damage to your suit…

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