A dragon helps a man rebuild the human race

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  • Working Title: Ryku and the Man Egg
  • Category: Sci-fi Fantasy
  • Genre: Action-Epic: Rebellion.
  • Synopsis: In a world where humans have become extinct and sentient dragons rule the world, one dragon discovers a human in cryo-stasis. Longing for things to be as they once were with humans around, the dragon frees the man from stasis. The man learns of one other cryo-frozen human: a woman. The dragon embarks on a quest to aid the human in finding the woman to rebuild the human species. The problem is that the human species is outlawed.
  • Sample:

“Meylu, what have you there?” Ryku asked. He was a grump red-scaled drake. A consequence of his veteran service in the brood wars. Few dragons survived all of the wars. This alone gave Ryku the right to be nosey.

Meylu, extended her long neck, the silver scales glistening in the morning light. “It’s a man egg.”

Ryku shook his head. “Man did not lay eggs, Meylu. You probably found yet another souvenir of the before-time.”

“This one looks like an egg,” she persisted.

Ryku yawned and laid his head on the cold, dusty ground. “So did the last one. But it smelled like burned man-rock.”

“This one smells similar, but I can see the man inside,” Meylu explained.

Ryku raised his head. “See? What do you mean you can see a man? There hasn’t been man around since the before-time. They are no more, and if weren’t for your obsession with them—finding trinkets and artifacts—I would have assumed they never were.”

Meylu’s clawed hand picked up a shiny hard cylinder. She set it on the ground between them. Ryku leaned his long neck toward the curious object. He tapped it with the claw of one finger. “It certainly looks like man-rock.”

“Have a look at the other side.”

Ryku turned it over. The other side had a blue-tinted transparent surface. And within, there was indeed what looked like a man. At least it resembled what the drawings depicted man to look like. “By the Great Wing! It does look like a man.” He glared at Meylu. “Where did you get such a thing?”

“Don’t look at me like that; finders, keepers.”

Ryku huffed. “I’m not going to steal it from you. I just want to know where in the curses you discovered such an abomination.”

“Abomination!” Meylu growled. “Looking into the past is my life’s work.” She snatched the cylinder. “I rather like it. I want it to hatch.”

“Meylu,” Ryku’s eyes narrowed. “You know the danger that would cause.”

“Think of it Ryku, a real live man. Think of what this could mean for our understanding of ancient times. All the questions that could be answered by observing one firsthand.”

“I’m not sure I care to know,” he said. “But it is perhaps a moot point anyway. How can you be sure the man is even alive? It’s as cold as ice.”

“That’s why I think it is still alive,” she explained. “No matter how much I try to warm it, it still stays cold. And if the tales are true, one of the magics of man was to make things last by being cold. And if I can just figure out how to warm it, maybe it will hatch.”

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